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About SML

SML is a specialist in the processing of stainless steel for turnkey projects in the foodservice industry and in the manufacturing of a wide range of products as a subcontractor.


SML was founded in 1966 by a group of investors led by Alphonse Daigle. This group owned SML until 1985, when Michel Pelletier. and his business associate bought the company. Since 1985, SML has diversified into new products, services and markets.

The company now serves the Canadian, U.S. and international markets, and whether we are building kitchens or providing stainless steel subcontracting services, the quality of our products and services is recognized worldwide.

To keep pace with its ongoing growth, SML relocated in 1988, expanded to its plant in 2001, opened a warehouse in Ontario in 2006, and added a second production plant on the south shore of Quebec in 2009. Over the years, production capacity has increased from about 12,000 square feet to over 90,000.

In 2004, Michel Pelletier initiated an internal shake-up of the company, buying out his partner’s stake and bringing his two sons, Frédéric and Simon, into SML’s management.

Nowadays, SML has a team of over 175 dedicated employees and deploys a fleet of cutting-edge equipments.


SML is certified ISO 9001:2008 and has the certifications to deliver high quality products that meet your requirements.

The production team applies the principles of lean manufacturing, allowing flexible and versatile production. The team is supported by management, who follow up with customers at every key stage of their projects.


Our team's expertise creates our success.
We’re all driven by the same desire: to transform good ideas into superior products.

At SML, our passion is as strong as steel.


We are dedicated to putting customer service and satisfaction first. Our commitment is to deliver a quality product within established timelines at a competitive price.


In order to deliver high quality products and increase efficiency, SML works tirelessly to maintain its fleet of cutting-edge machines.

The following is a list of some of the equipments that SML uses in its manufacturing processes:

  • 2 laser cutting machines
  • 1 punch press
  • 5 brake presses
  • 1 stamping press
  • 1 digital machining center
  • 1 welding robot with artificial vision
  • 1 shear
  • 1 grinding machine
  • 1 deburring machine
  • Several welding and polishing stations


  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
  • CCSAUS (Canadian Standards Association) to the applicable American standards.
  • ULC (Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada)
  • UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories)
  • CSA W47.1 (Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau for Stainless Steel)
  • CWB (Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau)
  • NSF2 (National Sanitation Foundation for Food Equipment)
  • NSF4 (National Sanitation Foundation for Commercial Cooking Rethermalization and Powered Hot Food Holding and Transport Equipment) in process
  • NSF7 (National Sanitation Foundation for Refrigerated Cold Pans) in process