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SML has established a flawless reputation throughout the years . Here is a collection of comments from various customers.

“From the beginning, it was clear to me that my restaurant had to be equipped with a kitchen made by SML, because the Cosmos needed a unique product fitting with my ambitions. The last born of the Cosmos family, Cosmos LB9, benefits from the full expertise of SML. For this project, we asked them to take care of the entire process, from the design to the installation.“

Louis McNeil Owner See the project

“We had an amazing experience working with SML. The equipment is amazingly built, with the highest quality product.“

Curtis Duffy Chef/Owner See the project

“SML delivered a high quality product all the while meeting a tight schedule thanks to its complete solution service. The project was complex due to the age of the building and SML team found great solutions to solve this issue. I can’t figure out how it could have been possible otherwise.”

Evan Price Owner, Le Chic Shack restaurant See the project

“...the expertise of SML installers proved us beyond any doubt we partnered with the best company.”

Rex Hakimian Executive director at The Hakimian Organization, Owner of Andaz Wall Street See the project

“SML understood the quality of work that had to be done here. They brought industry standards to a higher level.”

Thomas Keller Chef, Per Se and The French Laundry See the project

“SML offered me great support, assistance and first-class quality in design, installation and finish of my first restaurant, Bistro B. SML is a really a strong and reliable partner, which created a remarkable kitchen for my team and I to have a great work environment.”

François Blais Chef and owner, Bistro B See the project

“I really enjoy my SML kitchen. We've been here for five years and we never had any concern. The design is great and everything's been running full speed since day one. I highly recommend them.”

Ted Currado Executive chef, C5 at the ROM See the project

“In this other project, SML helped us on many aspects. It's Michel Pelletier himself who climbed into the structure to see what was going on in our old grill, [...] the new grill and hood have been there since 2005 and I can guarantee they will not move from there.”

Martin Girard Charbon and Aviatic Restaurants See the project

“The architectural design is breathtaking. The space that extends mainly lengthwise gives the impression of a glass container and the underground kitchens give the impression of being in a submarine.”

PatWhite.com See the project

“We’ve been open for 20 years and we've been doing business with SML since the very beginning. With SML, nothing is impossible. The main difference is in the finish and the quality delivered.”

Martin Girard Owner, Aviatic and Charbon restaurants See the project

“When it comes to custom stainless steel products, I choose SML.”

Jean-Georges Vongerichten Chef, 66 Restaurant See the project

“The finished product is incredible and draws much attention in the area. SML did a great job.”

Bill Beatty Architect, Wally Joe restaurant

“I am very proud to have chosen SML to complete our project. They deliver a manufacturing quality that I couldn't find anywhere else. I can't wait to partner again with SML for the next Delécta branch!”

Renaud Roy Owner, Délecta butcher’s shop See the project

“SML truly has world class expertise and professionalism, and, honestly, I believe they have the best people in the business. I would definitely contact them again for future projects.”

David Hawksworth Chef, Hawksworth restaurant See the project

“Before meeting the SML's team, we first looked at what this team had achieved for Grant Achatz in Chicago: Alinea, Next and Aviary. The quality of their work is just incredible and prices are very competitive. For our project, we completed the design phase with a partner of SML, the designer Tim Harrison. SML understood our goals right away and they came up with great solutions to provide very efficient kitchen designs we can afford. We just assigned the construction phase to SML and I can’t wait to start cooking!” https://youtu.be/-Hk4fZa2L54

Curtis Duffy Chef and co-owner, Grace restaurant See the project

“They have a high level of expertise and more importantly, the final cost for the project ended up lower than our original budget.”

Bruno Vincelette Co-owner and founder, Brynd See the project

“The installation and construction quality of the equipment SML provided is second to none. If we ever want to replace or reconfigure our kitchens, SML is the first company we’ll contact.”

Kenneth P. Horonzy Director of engineering, Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago

“I’ve always had high profile projects with SML. The work they did is beyond any doubt one of the best in the industry.”

Marc Stech-Novak Kitchen Designer

“My kitchen, developed by SML, is well designed and very functional... I love it!”

Jacques Talbot Chef, Cosmos restaurant See the project

“Thank you SML for our dream kitchen you renovated!”

Benoit Larochelle St-Amour Restaurant

“Years and years of discussions on opening the perfect wine bar for a cosmopolitan city like New York led in the opening of Bar Boulud. The dream finally came true with the assistance of a team of people who share the same passion for culinary experience as I do.”

Daniel Boulud Chef, Bar Boulud See the project

« Just a note to say how much I appreciate your work on my projects: Dune, Wally Joe’s, Frisson, Michael Mina.......the list reads as my greatest hits, thanks to your team and your fabrication.»

Mark Stech-Novak Kitchen Designer See the project